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Monthly Distant Healing



At this time of year the embracing energies of Iron Pyrite deliver a welcome boost for your Personal Distant Healing session, with the warmth and energy of the sun it offers you vitality and emotional well-being.

The essence of this distant healing is to use Iron Pyrite along with Light Language to increase motivation and clear any heaviness that may be weighing you down.

You will receive a FREE Iron Pyrite cube which has been intuitively selected for you and been held by myself during your distant healing session.

Your Iron Pyrite cube crystal will hold the healing essence of your session.

During this session, I draw and share with you vibrational healing qualities of the crystal that wishes to work with you at this time. This distant healing treatment will last approximately 45 minutes


Iron Pyrite Distant Healing Session £17.50 (including crystal)

After your purchase I will contact you within 24hrs to arrange a suitable time for you to have your session.