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Wisdom of Wellbeing Holistic Therapy Guest Book


I came to Lorraine after the death of my father. The treatment provided was second to none, and left me feeling totally relaxed and calm. A brilliant experience with a true professional – I’ll definitely be coming back for more!!



I cannot speak highly enough of Lorraine or Crystal Healing. I was unsure if or how it would benefit me but can honestly say it has been the best treatment for me. Lorraine was professional and caring at all times, making me feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the sessions. There was always plenty of time for us to talk through how I felt before and after each session and discuss anything I felt may have been of significance.

I had been to the doctors with various issues which I never felt were resolved, however after only a couple of sessions I no longer have these issues and feel a lot healthier and happier than I have for a long time.

I believe Crystal Healing has been a huge benefit to me; I have and would recommend it to people. I think people would be pleasantly surprised how much of a difference it can make to them.

Thank you again Lorraine it really is a fantastic treatment.



I initially attended my crystal therapy sessions with Lorraine to help increase my energy levels, as I was juggling a lot of roles & commitments in my life at the time. My sessions not only helped to increase my energy levels, but also to gain clarity on situations, manage negative mind chatter and to manage my stress levels.

I always felt safe and relaxed in Lorraine’s company and was always amazed how the therapy was able to pick up on the ailments I was experiencing at the time. I’m so happy with the difference crystal therapy has made for my general wellbeing and mindset. It’s enabled me to deal with issues, situations & emotions that I would not have dealt with so easily without the assistance of crystal therapy.

I now attended monthly as a matter of maintenance and look forward to my session, which I can only describe as BLISS.



Lorraine gives a great understanding of what crystals and your body can do, how they work together and the relationship we all have with crystals that we would never know. Lorraine can explain this brilliantly. The treatment has helped me with physical ailments more than anything, although after sessions I feel refreshed and very relaxed. I love having the treatment even if it’s just to clear the mind and chill.



It’s difficult to find the words to describe my experience, how do you describe feelings and sensations? I trusted what was happening and went with it; I know it was beneficial to my SELF and my emotional well being in a way that couldn’t have been dealt with by the medical model. I always looked forward to my sessions because it created a time and space to check in with my SELF and become more aware.



I was delighted to have some treatments from Lorraine. Straight away she made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I knew instantly that she was/is extremely knowledgeable about the crystals she uses and the methods she applies.  Afterwards when we discussed anything that I felt/experienced during the treatment, Lorraine had picked up on it too…..
This lady is very intuitive and super talented at what she does. I can’t wait to go back for more.