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Quantum physics acknowledges that your body is made up of energy, including your thoughts and emotions.

Your body’s energy systems all emit electromagnetic light this includes the following:~

Meridiansyour body’s energy pathways

Chakras your body’s energy centres

Aura – an electromagnetic field around your body

The Meridians, Chakras and Aura are all known as your subtle energies.

Your own personal energies are delicately balanced, if the flow of your energy becomes blocked or depleted due to internal or external circumstances you can start to feel unwell and out of balance.

The Crystal Healing and Reiki therapies I offer assist in balancing and re-aligning your energetic systems with the aim of returning you to health and wellness.

They are particularly ideal when experiencing periods of stress and anxiety as they have the ability to take you to a deeper level of relaxation whilst gently working with you to re-align your whole body.